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Global billing is a boutique firm of specialist legal costs consultants and costs assessors with its offices located in the CBD in Brisbane and Melbourne, and in Singapore. The firm's primary aim is the provision of legal and forensic costing expertise to the legal, accounting, and insolvency industries. Our engagement ensures that our clients maintain absolute transparency in their billing processes, together with access to specialist expertise to ensure optimum recovery of costs for their clients.  

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Costs dispute resolution Service
Coming Soon. Be a part of the inner circle with exclusive access to industry articles, case notes, templates and more to improve your business.
You can provide us with your instructions to undertake work for your firm by simply downloading and completing our New File Costing Instruction Sheet – simply submit the completed form online
The are a number of options available for resolving a costs dispute. global billing can assist with the formal Court process as well as a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution options. Explore the options at our Costs Dispute Resolution Service.


“Michael has been a trusted part of our business for 10 years. Global billing’s process is simple and easy which saves our business time and money. We couldn’t operate without them.” 

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You can deliver your electronic files to us quickly and with confidence that your files are secure. Simply upload your files at any time of the day through our secure Electronic Costing Portal.

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Breakfast seminars are now being held monthly. You can also have global billing come to you to train your whole staff.

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