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  • Certified Assessment (1-3 DAY Turnaround)
  • Taxation Assessment
  • Costs Umpires
  • Specialised Consulting
  • Forensic Analysis

Our practice delivers costs solutions. We provide transparency regarding the billing of legal fees and costs, assist in the prevention of disputes, and assist parties to achieve a fair, just, and reasonable result. Our expertise in legal costs means we are regularly engaged to provide expert evidence regarding security for costs and legal costs related matters in the various State and Federal Courts. We specialise in working with Electronic files (eFiles), in variety of formats in addition to providing firms with access to our Electronic Costing Portal, as well as continuing to work from traditional hard copy (physical files).

global billing comprises five areas of practice:

Certified Assessment

It is possible to ensure that the legal costs were necessary, proper, fair and/or reasonable.  We provide certification for Solicitor and Own Client, Party and Party, Standard, and Indemnity Costs. The form of Certificates available are:

Taxation Assessment

If there is a dispute there may be requirements for itemisation, review and analysis, and advice regarding appropriate allowances for the costs payable or recoverable. It may be necessary for formal steps and appearances as part of Court process.We provide services which assist in the formal regulation process:

Costs Umpires

It is possible to avoid the formal Court process and resolve a costs dispute through an informal process. This will often result in a quicker and cheaper resolution and can sometimes involve greater certainty.We can assist parties to resolve disputes through:

Specialised Consulting

Our consultants can provide specialised services including:

Forensic Analysis

Our expert analysis and critical evaluation of Itemised Accounts and Schedules of Costs can provide independent and objective advice about the appropriate allowances for such remuneration and/or costs.