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global billing is a boutique firm of specialist legal costs consultants and costs assessors with its offices located in the CBD in Brisbane and Melbourne, and in Singapore.  The firm's primary aim is the provision of legal and forensic costing expertise to the legal, accounting, and insolvency industries.

The firm practises predominately in Queensland and Victoria, as well as in Federal jurisdictions but also undertakes work in other states of Australia including New South Wales, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. In addition, the firm provides services to overseas client firms, and has been engaged in International Commercial Arbitration matters (legal costs related issues) seated in Singapore.

Founded in 1996 by Michael Graham, global billing has earnt an established reputation in the delivery of outcome-driven legal costing services through the growth of its experienced and dedicated team.

Our goal has been to establish the leading legal and forensic costing practice in Queensland with emphasis on the precision and accuracy of our work together with professional credibility.

Our systematic approach to the provision of legal and forensic costing services utilising traditional methodologies combined with intellectual integrity, innovation, and personal attention to our clients, services, and work ensures we maintain our distinct competitive advantage.

The firm is heavily committed to technology but insists on maintaining a ‘hands on’ approach to ensure the integrity and precision of the service and product provided.  There are no short cuts; no computer programs that do all the work. The work is performed by our experienced legal costs consultants, Court-Appointed Costs Assessor, and Senior Managing and Costs Clerks.

Our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services differentiates global billing from our colleagues and competitors.

The firm specialises in providing legal costing services of electronic files (e-files), as well as traditional hardcopy files. The firm's Electronic Costing Portal (ECP) allows clients to upload their files in electronic format for costing without the need to print out their files in hardcopy format.

The firm’s focus is on building and establishing an ongoing and long-term relationship with our clients where we accommodate all of their legal and forensic costing requirements. There is no matter which is too large or too small for our attention.

We welcome the opportunity to assist solicitors with the establishment of pricing strategy and pricing models for their firm, as part of a consideration of alternative billing strategies.

Our engagement ensures that our clients maintain absolute transparency in their billing processes, together with access to specialist expertise to ensure optimum recovery of costs for their clients.