fees & terms


Our fees are calculated according to the task or services that we perform. We aim to provide certainty regarding our costs at all times. We encourage open discussion regarding our fees.Ideally we undertake work on a "fixed fee" basis, or “capped fee” basis – this provides certainty. If this is not possible then we charge on an "hourly rate" basis, with regular billing intervals, together with updated estimates (for ongoing matters)."In-house" services (at your office) are available at no additional cost (subject to the location).Upfront quotes are available upon request.You may contact us if you would like a Schedule of our Fees and Charges.


  1. Our terms of payment for established clients are strictly 7 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise confirmed in writing. Flexible payment arrangements are available (subject to the particular matter).
  2. We reserve the right to charge interest on all accounts outstanding over 30 days, together with any costs associated with the recovery of overdue accounts (tax invoices).
  3. Payment of our fees is not conditional upon the recovery of your costs (or ours) or the payment of money to you (by your client), or the payment of money to your client (by another liable party). You are liable for our fees irrespective of whether your client pays your firm or not, or whether your client (or your firm) recovers our fees or not (from another liable party).
  4. We accept instructions to amend or add to a completed itemised bill of costs/costs statements/costs schedules but reserve the right to render a further memorandum of fees where applicable. Generally, we will not charge an additional fee but we reserve the right to do so, subject to the additional work required to be performed.
  5. Our percentage fee is based upon professional costs exclusive of disbursements (but inclusive of GST). It is our policy in determining our fees to include those costs for which there is a reasonable argument for recovery.
  6. Our minimum fee is $20 (plus GST) for preparation of Certificates of Assessment.